Freight forwarding and logistics services merchant (m/f/d)

In your training as a forwarding and logistics services clerk (m/f/d) you will become an expert in bringing goods safely and in one piece to their destination.

As a forwarding and logistics services merchant, one of your main tasks is to advise on the best transport routes and means. You calculate freight capacities and calculate all costs. You will also take the transport times into account when making the calculation. Soon you will know the fastest transhipment points and avoid problematic border crossings. You make sure everything can be transported from A to B. Finally, you insure the goods and complete the necessary papers such as freight documents and customs documents.

During the actual transport, you keep the client and recipient up to date. With GPS you know exactly where the goods are. If the goods arrive at the warehouse, you are also responsible for inspecting the goods.

The training to become a forwarding and logistics services clerk takes a total of three years. With particularly good performance, however, you have the option of reducing the duration to two and a half or even two years. As this is a dual training, you will spend your time both in the company and at the vocational school. Vocational school lessons take place on one to two days a week or in blocks. At the vocational school you will learn everything about complaints, liability and property insurance contracts as well as the necessary safety regulations.

You can climb the career ladder a step further, for example, with an examination to become a specialist in freight transport and logistics. A Bachelor's degree in Logistics or Supply Chain Management is also an option.

This training is carried out in our plant

in Baruth.