Mechatronics engineer (m/f/d)

The profession of mechatronics engineer comprises the knowledge of two professions (mechanic and electrician). Nowadays this is strongly interdependent, so that this profession has been offered in Germany since 1998.

Your training as a mechatronics technician (m/f/d) takes three and a half years and has a dual structure. This means that you will spend 1 to 3 weeks in vocational theory lessons (vocational school), followed by 2 or 3 weeks in practical vocational training in the company or inter-company training.

After your training as a mechatronics technician you can be employed in various departments of our company (production, blow moulding machine hall, injection moulding hall or high-bay warehouse) and you have various opportunities to further your education (technician or master craftsman) and take on more responsibility.

This training is carried out in our plant

in Baruth.