District Office approves test drilling for new mineral water wells at Heusteige

In spring 2022, the company Altmühltaler Mineralbrunnen GmbH submitted an application for water rights for two test boreholes at the Heusteige to the responsible office at the District Office of Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen in order to develop new mineral water deposits in Treuchtlingen.

After a thorough examination of all the authorities involved, permission has now been granted to sink two boreholes, expand them into groundwater measuring points and carry out pumping tests.

For this reason, the company Altmühltaler Mineralbrunnen GmbH will start the work in July 2022 in cooperation with a well specialist company and hydrogeologists. At the same time, the water levels of the neighbouring wells and groundwater measuring points in and around Treuchtlingen will be continuously recorded in order to detect reactions from the pumping test.

The implementation of the measure, including the preparation of the necessary analyses and required documentation, will take about three months. This information will then be sent to the relevant authorities for assessment.

Altmühltaler Mineralbrunnen GmbH, 10 June 2022


Alexander Pascher