At home in the region, committed to sustainability

Our contribution to relieving the pressure on deep groundwater

Founded more than 100 years ago in Treuchtlingen as a family brewery, Altmühltaler Mineralbrunnen is now one of the modern beverage suppliers in Germany. At its two sites in Treuchtlingen (Bavaria) and Breuna (Hesse), Altmühltaler bottles high-quality mineral water and produces mixed drinks such as fruit juice spritzers and lemonades for the trade.

In order to remain a reliable supplier of mineral water and a strong employer in the Treuchtlingen region for future generations, we have joined a water protection initiative of the Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen district. The aim is to sustainably reduce the use of the "Sandsteineuper" water layer, which is worthy of protection. To this end, water resources in alternative strata are to be explored and tapped, among other things, in order to replace the previous water volumes from the Sandsteineuper as far as possible.

Our contribution is test drilling in an alternative water layer, the iron sandstone. Provided that the water is recognized as mineral water, we could use it in the future to replace our extraction from the Sandsteineuper as far as possible. According to the Ansbach Water Management Office, the iron sandstone is suitable for relieving the pressure on the sandstone keuper. The Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LfU) also does not classify the iron sandstone as a groundwater deposit of water management significance.

For the exploration of the iron sandstone, Altmühltaler was granted permission in February 2022 by the Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen District Office for two test boreholes and their expansion into groundwater measuring points. One of these is on the Heusteige site, the other only a few meters away at the recycling center. The initial results show that there is also high-quality water in the alternative strata. Whether this can actually be recognized as mineral water and in what quantities the water is available will be shown by the further exploration process. Together with the subsequent approval process, the procedure is expected to continue until 2025/2026. We have described the path here summarized here.

Our aim is not to increase our withdrawal volumes through the new well sites. We want to maintain the level of the previously approved volumes in order to be able to meet long-term supply obligations and secure the site in Treuchtlingen in the long term. The amount of water that may be used in the future from the iron sandstone and the sandstone superlattice is decided by the Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen District Office in consultation with the Ansbach Water Management Office, which is responsible for all extraction rights in the region. Both authorities are closely monitoring the exploration process of the Altmühltal mineral wells in the iron sandstone to ensure that the overall use of the water resources in the region is balanced in the long term against new development. We have just as strong and justified an interest in this as any other water user and all citizens.

Information about the procedure, expert opinions and other information can be viewed on the website of the district office.