Electronics technician for industrial engineering (m/f/d)

In your training as an electronics technician for industrial engineering you will learn how to install and maintain electrical components and systems. To do this, you need to build and test circuits, know and understand automation systems and program control systems. In your education you combine knowledge from mathematics, because you calculate different sizes and values, with applications from IT, because you program software, as well as experiences from energy technology, because you constantly deal with electricity.

Your training as an electronics technician for industrial engineering is a dual apprenticeship and lasts three and a half years - if you perform very well at school, it can be shortened to three to two and a half years.

In your first year of training, the main focus will be on building services engineering and energy systems. The main task here is to install and maintain them.

In your second year of training, the energy supply is on the agenda. You will learn about the possibilities of electrical energy supply and how to consider network systems and protective measures. You will learn how to use tools for program development and how to configure necessary hardware and software components.

Electrotechnical systems are your main task in the third and fourth year of your apprenticeship. You will learn how these are used and parameterized in the various systems, devices and assemblies.

As an apprentice electronics technician for industrial engineering, you have very different workplaces: You work in workshops, directly at machines or at a desk with a computer.

The training is "dual", i.e. both in-company and at school.

This training is carried out in our plants

Treuchtlingen and Breuna offered.