Specialist for food technology (m/f/d)

In your training as a specialist for food technology (m/f/d) you first check the raw material when it is delivered: Is everything there that you ordered? And does the product comply with the quality regulations? If the goods have passed your exact inspection, they can be further processed in the production hall. Here you control the machines and monitor the entire manufacturing process. You do not deviate from the recipe and always check the quality of the intermediate products. Every product should have the same shape, quality and taste, because that's what customers expect. If you find any discrepancies during the inspection, sort out the scarce goods immediately. The bottled drinks are packed and stored. Finally, they can be loaded and delivered to supermarkets.

In your training as a specialist for food technology there are different contents on the curriculum: In the first and second year of your apprenticeship, for example, you will learn how to prepare raw materials, additives and auxiliary materials as well as semi-finished and finished products for production. You will also be responsible for quality control and storage. You will also learn how to control and monitor production processes and how to operate and properly clean production facilities. In the vocational school, special food groups are on the curriculum - such as the production of foods rich in vitamins and minerals. In the third year you will get an insight into product development, learn to plan accordingly and present your results skilfully.

Further training as an industrial master in the field of food or a degree in food technology are further options for you.

The training is "dual", i.e. both in-company and at school.

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Treuchtlingen, and Breuna are offered.